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Thanks for visiting our blog! Here we've provided some great tips on maintaining and servicing your vehicle. As always, our expert service advisors are available to answer any questions, They can be reached at 972-245-3144.

When Are Your Tires Worn Out?

When Are Your Tires Worn Out?Jan 21, 2018

Hey Carrollton area drivers, are your tires worn out? What is the standard for our TX streets? How can you tell on...
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Training Received by Technicians in CARROLLTON, TX

Training Received by Technicians in Carrollton, TXJan 14, 2018

When your vehicle breaks down in the Carrollton, TX, area, or just needs some routine service, it can make you a...
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Lease or Buy?

Lease or Buy?Jan 7, 2018

Lease? Or buy? These are the options for Carrollton drivers. It's always a tough question for auto owners, but here is...
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PCV Valve Replacement

PCV Valve ReplacementJan 3, 2018

Hello Carrollton, let's talk about your often-unnoticed but extremely important PCV valve. The energy from exploding...
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Easy Miles – Do CARROLLTON Driving Conditions Affect Service Intervals?

Easy Miles – Do Carrollton Driving Conditions Affect Service Intervals?Dec 17, 2017

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle has a schedule in your owner's manual for what is called "severe service"...
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Hitting The Brakes In carrollton

Hitting The Brakes In carrolltonDec 11, 2017

Hello Carrollton, let's talk about brakes. But the mechanical aspects of the brakes themselves are just one issue....
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Nighttime Visibility in CARROLLTON

Nighttime Visibility in CarrolltonDec 3, 2017

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high nighttime accident rate in the Carrollton area, things like...
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